Eras align our resources (both people and financial) towards solving our most important and difficult challenges and reduces the likelihood of us falling into known DAO issues **

This era takes us up to the launch of our V1 Protocol which is the next major milestone in our path to bringing the world access to Unstoppable Open Data.

Ambitions & Keystone Projects

Pocket has 5 major Ambitions (BHAGs). Keystone projects lay the groundwork for us to realise these ambitions. As part of our culture to “default to open” you can find a project plan, budget and key materials for each of the Keystone projects below.

Most Successful Protocol Launch

Shannon Launch and Support

Shannon Economics and Governance R&D

$1B Protocol Revenue


Road to Revenue

Healthiest Governance & Culture



Sockets & POPs

Most Trusted Crypto Brand

Establish PNF Marketing function

Bluechip Financial Rails


Tier 1 Listing

Community Contributions

The Era also provides resources for community contributions that support our ambitions. This is funded through an Era Allocation. The allocation is rebalanced for each 2 month Cycle:

Cycles & Key Dates

Ways to contribute

A space exists here for contributing teams to work in the open and allow the community to pull relevant information from their page.

Liquify - V0 Snapshots

Decentralized Authority - Wallet

TogetherCrew - Metrics Dashboard

At the end of each cycle we iterate and improve through the completion of our retros:

Cycle Reporting