Keystone PM: @Dermot

Copilot: @Jack


The biggest gains to Pocket’s reliability, performance, and cost will come with v1 and the whole host of innovations and mechanisms that come with it. And this project is a key component of our ambition for v1 to be the most successful new protocol launch ever.

While the protocol team is developing v1’s core technical stack, it is the responsibility of PNF to coordinate the research, design and development of the economic, social and technical mechanisms that will incentivise all stakeholders within this new system and how it is governed.

Project objectives

Our primary objective for this project is to define a minimum viable set of parameters against the V1 utility spec that ensure Pocket economy's adaptability, dynamism and sustainability.

Ancillary objectives for this research project include:

Operating principles

All work related to this project must keep in mind the following three operating principles:

  1. Simplicity: how can we reduce complexity for all stakeholders and make Pocket’s system easier to understand and participate in?
  2. Efficiency: how can we reduce unnecessary overhead by hard-coding parameters and/or using market-based mechanisms or similar to automate how various parameters are administered and governed?
  3. Impact: How important is it to add/amend a certain parameter for mainnet instead of at a later date. Shipping v1 in the safest and most efficient matter should be front of mind when considering what to focus on now rather than later or at all.

Technical specifications